Robben Island former political prisoners reunite in the Sharpeville township (seat of the 1960 massacre) to sing their prison music for MBB. A poignant and moving experience since many of these men had not seen each other since they were on the Island in 1960s-70s. 17 April 2013.






Robben Island former political prisoners studying MBB’s music track lists in preparation for recording the music that was key to their survival and resistance in prison. Sharpeville township community centre, 17 April 2013.










Former women political prisoners from Number 4 women’s jail at the Fort in Johannesburg talking in the atrium with Nancy Galdy and Janie Cole.








Thenjiwe Mtintso, former deputy secretary general of the ANC and current South African ambassador to Romania, being interviewed about her experiences in the women’s apartheid jails by Janie Cole, filmed Ted Bogosian.